Got the Jeeps! Much more impressive in-person than with a photograph. On the 30-minute drive home , we got a lot of honks, waves and thumbs up. I knew the jeeps would turn a few heads, but the response today was much greater than expected.

Rod Therese

Thanks so much for repairing my Highseat at “no-charge”;  I certainly didn’t expet that at all. I requested to at least pay for labor expenses, but no deal.

This speaks volumes to your desire to keep customers happy and beyond satisfied.

Guy Bob Buschman


Thank you so much for donating to my San Antonio lamb auction. I feel so blessed to be supported by such a wonderful community. Your donations will help me continue my education at Texas A&M University.

Bella Battistoni

Because of people like you, I can continue my journey of doing what I love!

Carter Arnery


Thank you for buying my steer at the 2018 San Antonio Livestock Sale. This was my fourth year to show in San Antonio and my first year to make the Livestock Sale. I appreciate your support of my project.

Pierce Dutton